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Our Ocean Let's raise awareness of the importance
of the Oceans to the World before it is too late!

Best we can - through the real engagement
of youth - the future of the Planet.
Kid's Projects

This one clear message is to make people aware.

We want to strongly distinguish ourselves with the message about the diversity of the factors of human pressure on the ocean environment. This one clear message is to make people aware of the multidirectional nature of necessary simultaneous activities and of their effects. The ocean is full of interdependencies, and human behaviour is selective and unidirectional, because there is a paradigm of focusing on one goal… this is how the human brain works. This time, before the emotional component is formed, we want to raise knowledge, so that later behaviours are multidirectional and correlated, i.e. more mature. This is also an important premise of the Decade of Ocean Science.


Climate changes

How powerful and broad they are! CO2 is not only an increase in temperature, but also acidification of ocean waters.


Life killers

Industrial fishing, ghost nets, underwater noise, imbalance in ecosystems, chemical pollution … Do we understand this?


Not only plastic

We cannot say whether food production is a greater threat. Especially meat. Can only cyanobacteria really save us?

We adults
come off the stage.

Our Ocean is a student – centered learning environment and a set of activities based on interdisciplinary educational method fostering expression, creativity, problem solving, innovation, as well as faster and more effective learning.
It has been developed by the team of specjalist from the Institute of Oceanology of Polish Academy of Sciences, the Storyteller Museum – MuBaBao, inspiring teachers from Linde Primary School and Haristo global marketing company.
It is realized as a great database about ocean issues and a series of in site or online workshops developing international cooperation of children from different countries.
Having fun together, getting to know different cultures and finding significant threats leads to the search for great solutions to the problems of the contemporary world.

We invite you to participate!


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