About us

Our Ocean is a student-centered learning environment and a set of activities based on interdisciplinary educational method fostering expression, creativity, problem solving, innovation, as well as faster and more effective learning.

It has been developed by the team of specialist from the Institute of Oceanology of Polish Academy of Sciences, the Storyteller Museum – MuBaBaO, inspiring teachers from Linde Primary School and HARISTO global marketing company. It is realized as a great database about ocean issues and a series of in site or online workshops developing international cooperation of children from different countries.

Having fun together, getting to know different cultures and finding significant threats leads to the search for great solutions to the problems of the contemporary world. This solution is visualized in the form of spatial prototypes and accompanying illustrations, dolls, costumes and other forms of picture storytelling or social action. On the other hand, it is verbalized in the form of a story with the use of a visualization, which is finally presented in an oral or audiovisual form during the summary meeting. Finding solutions to our biggest problems related to OCEAN requires understanding the human context, it requires thoroughly investigating not only how we build but also why we build and what we are trying to improve. Through stories and joint creative activities, we would like to sensitize to understanding this context and motivate to combine seemingly different scientific and cultural themes and patterns into a powerful, beautiful metaphor for the future.

"To make a positive change in the real world, we must first create it in our imagination"

Michał Malinowski
MuBaBaO Founder & Chairman

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