Grzegorz Osóbka

CEO and founder of Haristo and Umbrella Marketing Group

As President of Umbrella Marketing Group, I work with a team of fantastic people, clients and investors worldwide to deliver integrated marketing solutions. Thanks to our strong growth strategy and vision, Umbrella is now thriving as a community-driven, modern network of marketing agencies in the CEE region.

Recently, Umbrella’s success has allowed me to step back and look for new opportunities to create an impact in the marketing world. Over the past few years, I have been inspired to let go of the common fears many of us have that hold us back when it comes to trying new business concepts, setting new goals and looking towards the future. My various travels have inspired my belief that the world operates as an interdependent whole, with us not at the centre of it, but as one of many interconnecting parts. And it’s this belief that is the inspiration behind the philosophy of my latest business endeavour.

Along with my partners, I’m excited to launch Haristo, a global marketing agency network with a more open, interconnected culture and purpose. Haristo will operate under a ‘Red-Teal’ business model, as a global, interdependent entity, sharing knowledge, tools, processes and expertise. This not only creates opportunity for more meaningful collaboration between our teams and our clients, but it also allows us to leverage the very best talent and equip them to deliver the best possible results.

I continue to be the President of Umbrella Marketing Group, and stay involved in its organisational culture and business development. Eventually, Umbrella will join Haristo’s global network, and I am excited to see where this new venture will take us.